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Our Hearing Tests:
Clinical Excellence at its Best

We firmly believe that an accurate diagnosis will guide us in selecting the optimal solution for our customers.


We provide a comprehensive, cutting-edge hearing assessment that assesses your hearing levels, your ability to understand speech in both quiet and noisy environments, the functioning of your middle ear, and, in certain instances, auditory processing abilities as well.

Signature hearing test


Premium Test: Our Signature Hearing Test

We advise undergoing this test if you are aware of your hearing loss, considering getting a hearing aid, or seeking to enhance your current hearing aid experience. The duration of this test may extend to a maximum of 2 hours.

Price: £100 / Free for over 55s


  • Hearing history questionnaire

  • Ear health check (Video Otoscopy)

  • Pure tone Audiometry

  • Speech in quiet and Speech in noise testing

  • Tympanometry

  • Hearing aid demo

  • Management plan including referral (if needed)

  • Hearing solutions quote


Screening Test

This is recommended if you have doubts about your hearing abilities. The duration for this assessment may extend up to 30 minutes.

Price: £30 / Free for over 55s

  • Hearing history questionnaire

  • Ear health check

  • Pure tone Audiometry

  • Hearing report

Auditory Training

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